Gamify release planning!

While designing Minimum Viable Product, ever thought of gamifying release planning?

I created and implemented this,
the energy in the workshop and the outcome of the product was amazing…

Cross 5 levels to get to the release backlog/MVP features
Level 1 Success – Personas Defined
Level 2 Success – Feature wish list defined
Level 3 Success – MoSCoW and KANO (Wow factor) added
Level 4 Success – $ value attached to each feature
Level 5 Success – Spend your $100

MVP features are handy, now prioritize, deep dive and get going with your release.

Here is a detailed version:
Gamify Release Planning

Gamify Release Planning

Feedback welcome!


7 thoughts on “Gamify release planning!

  1. The best part was that the sponsors saw everything side by side so it was easy for them to decide on the scope. Otherwise they don’t usually understand the dev complexity. Also it is so much fun when you are playing it…

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